How to Know If You Can Trust Your Bookkeeper 


A bookkeeper is often a bit like a GP – there’s one on every corner, but great ones are nearly impossible to find. Moreover, when you find one, you should not let them go. However, how will you know if your bookkeeper is good or even better, a great bookkeeper?

Let’s commence with what every bookkeeper must be before we look at why is a great bookkeeper to trust.

 Teaching and accreditation

Every bookkeeper should have got some formal bookkeeper or data processing training and preferably be a registered BAS Agent. A registered BAS agent shows that the Tax Practitioners Board are satisfied which the bookkeeper has the needed skills, qualifications and a baseline amount of experience to prepare your BAS in line with legislation correctly.

Use this connection to check if your bookkeeper is registered. Check here.



Similar to most professionals, the less experienced as well as less qualified bookkeeper in most cases is cheaper.

  • -However, judging bookkeepers by price is fraught with danger.
  • -If you are simply comparing by the hour rates, a highly experienced bookkeeper will always seem higher priced.
  • -This is not legitimate because most experienced bookkeepers will likely work significantly faster and smarter than anyone who has less experience.

Great bookkeepers fully grasp your process

He or she will take the time to understand your small business and how you operate to allow them to make sure that the particular processes are as simple and efficient as you can, and nothing is missed or duplicated. Hence, they will be able to see areas that may be streamlined in your corporation as done Bookkeeper Melbourne.

Great bookkeepers ask concerns

Many business owners locate questions annoying. However, as a way to ensure transactions are appropriately allocated, it is better that your particular bookkeeper asks questions instead of guess. One of my THAT clients had a bookkeeper who allocated computer purchases to ‘Computer Equipment’ within the balance sheet rather as compared to hardware purchases in ‘Cost involving Goods Sold’. For months they imagined their profit figures were excellent until their accountant did their tax return and asked about all of their asset purchases (which weren’t), to be able to claim for tax breaks. If only she experienced asked – Bookkeeper Melbourne.

Great bookkeepers understand what they do not know

Not only do they know precisely what is legally within their scope (e. g. BAS Agents are not permitted to provide any income tax or maybe FBT advice). However, they are also not afraid to declare “I do not know” instead of worry about looking silly all of which will contact your Bookkeeper Melbourne intended for advice.

Great bookkeepers accomplish the homework

A sign of quite a great bookkeeper is one who is updated on what is happening within the bookkeeping, accounting and engineering spaces. The bookkeeping and data processing industries have evolved considerably in the last few years due to being able to change technologies.

Great bookkeepers are people you can trust

Finally, the relationship between the litigant and a bookkeeper is sacred. Most people will not share their financial details with friends or even family, yet this person is privy to everything – especially if you work with one account for small business and personal but that is another article altogether.

Make sure you prefer your bookkeeper, that you trust them and feel safe being completely honest using them. Your bookkeeper cannot help you get the most out of your accounts if you are not completely transparent using them contact now

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