Bookkeeper Job Description: What Clients look for


As a bookkeeper you will be responsible for keeping track of the billing and cash flow of a company or organization. Many bookkeepers will work as internal accountants for smaller companies or businesses that don’t employ an accountant. For this type of position you may need to work long hours in order to effectively perform your job. Here we’ll take a closer look at the bookkeeper job description, their role and responsibilities in this field and the bookkeeping salary.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper’s essential functions will be to approve, receive and investigate a client’s invoices, communicate written and verbally with client suppliers and the client’s banking contacts and vendors. The bookkeeper will also handle the client’s mail, investments, assist with tax preparation, payroll and assist in keeping track of the client’s assets.

When seeking employment in this field, you can expect the potential client to look for certain qualifications, such as a minimum of one to two years working as a bookkeeper with experience in accounts payable, general ledger, accounts receivable and financial reports. The bookkeeper will need to have knowledge of computerized accounting software, payroll processing, accounting transactions and regulatory requirements.

While it’s not required by the state for the bookkeeper to have completed a formal training program, or to have obtained certification for this field, most employers will hire those that have an educational background in this field, as opposed to those applicants that need on the job training.

The Bookkeeper Certification Programs

Programs for the bookkeeping profession can be found through vocational schools, community colleges, online universities and four year colleges. The cost of a bookkeeping program will depend on the individual school and can range in price from 2500$ to 5000$. The bookkeeping certification program will feature courses that can take 6 months to 18 months to complete, depending on whether you go to school part time or full time. As a student you will be enrolled in such courses as business management, accountant software, accounting and database applications, and payroll processing and account management.see it more at

Once you have completed the program you will need to take the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers exam, a four part exam that can be taken at different times and does not need to be completed in one sitting. A bookkeeper will be required to renew their certification every three years.


In order to renew your certification you will need to obtain a certain amount of continuing education credits. Obtaining credits for this field will require the bookkeeper to enroll in online or in-class courses, attend lectures or take online exams. Failure to obtain the required amount of hours can result in the loss or suspension of your certification in this field.visit their website and get some details from them.

For more information on the bookkeeper job description, their annual income and where they can work in this field, take a look at this article, which will also talk about the available certification programs for this profession.

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